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At Deiji Studios, sustainability and social conscience is considered integral to every facet of our company.  We are a young business, and continue to learn and evolve, finding better practices and more efficient ways of doing this as we grow.



We are now a proud member of 1% for the planet, which means we pledge 1% of our yearly sales revenue to non for profits. We will keep this page updated with news on who we are donating to and any stories relating to them.



We have had our business independently audited to assess our yearly carbon usage, and then purchased credits to offset these in their entirety. We support Carbon Positive Australia, who plant trees in various locations in Australia and these are protected for 25-100 years.



Our collections are designed with a growing list of natural fibres.
Our linen is 100% OEKO-TEX 100 certified and EU certified. Our cotton is 100% GOTS certified organic.


These fabrications are naturally hypoallergenic and have unique anti-bacterial properties, making them highly breathable and even more importantly, they are 100% biodegradable. 


The Deiji shearling slides are made from 100% mongolian shearling (sheep) made in an accredited factory, audited by WRAP. 1% of all sales of our shearling slide are donated to the Humane Society



In place of conventional plastic, all product arrives at our warehouse within boxes in cornstarch packaging which is 100% home compostable. Our orders are then packed and sent out in biodegradable satchels, we are now also changing our postage labels over to a biodegradable option so the entire package can be composted.



We release products only when we are 100% sure it is something we love and would have in our wardrobes for years to come. We are not driven by trend or profit, we are driven by the pursuit of an innate sense of style that defies age and time..


In this model we believe our customers will have a product they can continue to work into their existing wardrobe and pass down through the generations.



We aim to minimise the use of unnecessary electricity in our warehouse, generally allowing it to naturally heat and cool (with the exception of extreme temperature days where our staff require basic heating and cooling for comfort).


We use recycled/environmentally friendly product within our warehouse and offices, and use these sparingly. We use recycled paper in our postcards, invoices, and swingtags we which are tied to garments without unnecessary safety pins.


Any waste we generate is consciously disposed of, recycled, reused or gifted where possible.



Community is a key touchpoint of our ethos at Deiji Studios. We aim to give back to our local community in any way possible – and we love to get involved in donating to fundraisers, charity events and local projects in and around the Byron Bay region.

In 2020 we donated in cash and stock donations a total $153,798.00 to the below charities.
  • Black Lives Matter 
  • Aboriginal and Torres Straight Healing 
  • Foundation 
  • Common Ground ACT 
  • Wires NSW Wildlife and Rescue 
  • NSW Rural Fire Service 
  • Artists 4 Housing (Helping LGBTQI youth in NYC out of homelessness)
  • Thread Together



We consciously manufacture our product in two small family run factories in China which we have personally visited. 

We are committed to assisting them and motivating them to enrich the lives of those who work on our garments, and their local communities. All workers are ensured a fair wage, good working conditions and hours. We acknowledge that the wage received for a standard workweek by any worker is enough to allow a decent living standard for them and their family. This should cover costs of food, water, accomodation, education, medical care, clothing, transport and any other essential needs.


As the environment and our impact is of such importance to us, we visit the China based factories to ensure that this core value is being respected in the production of our garments/bedding also. Linen is softened by being washed with natural pumice stones, and all waste water is recycled and disposed of in ways that minimise environmental impact. The local government has recently raised its standard codes of practice also, meaning all factories must comply with these or they are shut down. We do not use any harmful AZO dyes in any of our fabrics. Scrap fabric is gathered in bundles and donated to local craftspeople, who use them to weave blankets and rugs.


Our Japanese towel manufacturer is powered entirely by renewable energy from the Noshiro and Tashirotai Wind Farms in Akita. The organic cotton is grown chemical-free and harvested by hand, sourced through a social project that supports independence for farms in disadvantaged communities. 


Our factories have signed our Environmental, Animal Welfare and Social Policies.



Protecting the rights and well-being of the people in our supply chain is of upmost importance to Deiji Studios. We are committed to ensuring good labour standards and the protection of human rights for any person employed as a result of Deiji Studios business. This includes all employees receiving fair wages, proper compensation and work under pre-approved conditions. We do not condone Modern Slavery in any form, including the use of violence, deceit, threat or coercion to recruit workers into forced or bonded labour, descent-based labour, child labour or any behaviour that undermines the freedoms or rights of a human being.



We will continue to learn and evolve our practises for this new world with accountability and openness. Please get in contact if you have any suggestions for us to better our product, process or service. We welcome your feedback.