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Ryan Lopes | Creative Director

Born and raised in Rhode Island, USA, Ryan Lopes is a Creative Director and Artist, producing his work using film and digital photographic mediums, and conceptualising within the fashion and beauty spaces. Playing to the sense of touch, Ryan’s distinct style accentuates textural features of skin, fabrics, and landscapes, drawing us closer to the physical world. The presence of delicate movement in his work creates a viewing experience that feels like an intimate dance. Much like the disposition of his images, Ryan carries a soft and warm presence, speaking his mind with generous honesty. A testament to the saying ‘what you put out is what you get’, Ryan’s offering attracts opportunities from many likeminded and unique brands built on conscious foundations and leading with intention.

Here Ryan shares insight into his creative process and home comforts, wearing Deiji Studios 06 set in deep black and 03 set in blush.

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Date: September 27th, 2021

Time: 09.57




Where are you from and where are you now?
I am from Providence, Rhode Island. Still here, holding on to as much as I can. Between here and New York City is where I find myself spending most of my time.


Are you a morning or evening person?
I am a morning person. I need much time to start slow and enjoy a space that is bright.


How do you start your day?
I check my phone, unfortunately. I make my bed while coffee is brewing and start my day around that. I like to give myself phone time then too, and focus on editing, planning and emailing. Music is always playing in the background.


Can you tell us a little about your home, what is the view like?
My home is a very small part of who I am. I still live with my family, so I try and focus on having this small part of my own be something that I can thoroughly enjoy and not feel cluttered. I tend to think of my current needs around that space in the moment.


You are a creative director, conceptualising projects in the beauty and fashion spaces. Did you always know you wanted to work in beauty and fashion and how did it start?

I had an idea of what working within an industry of fashion and beauty could be like, through story telling. I believe the alignment in interests and the influence through that brought me to where I am today and what I chose to take on. I always played with my space, my clothes and interests which eventually became something I shared through a lens more.

Has there been a significant moment of your past that has informed where you are today?
I think the background of my education growing up played a major role in my character and wherever it takes me, no matter the moment or role I am taking on in my journey. I tend to reflect on those experiences and how they remind me of the passionate and fulfilling moments of today.


How would you describe your creative process?
My creative process is very free. I live on saying and going with the flow, letting things happen. Observing my form, and physicality in spaces and capturing that. It tends to be very flexible as well, where working with what I have (clothing, products, props, surroundings) becomes interesting and apart of it.


What is your approach to beauty?
To not be overthought and to be sure.


How would you describe the way you dress in three words?
Tailored, layered and classic.


Do you have a go-to everyday attire?
Yes, slacks or jeans and a button-up. Loafers or sneakers.

Who, what and where do you turn to for inspiration?
Home, conversations, alone time, and natures essence.


What words do you live by?
Don’t overthink it. Do it if you’re thinking of it. What is yours, is yours.


What are you most proud of?
My continuation. Choosing to do what I love and learning in it.


What is the best piece of advice you have received?
On that third day, you have to get up.


What colours and textures feel like home and why?
Variations of white shades, and cotton/linen fabrics. They’ve always been apart of my home, and make a space feel cosier. My grandmother used to work a in textile factory and enjoyed the process, while making sure we were also attentive to those details.


What is your most treasured possession and its story?
I almost laugh saying this, but my little 82 Vovlo, haha. I always dreamed of owning an older little boxy car. Spoke one day of having one with a friend, when a waiter who served me had been thinking of letting hers go to the right person. Needs some love, and I have lot of it to give!






What is your favourite thing about the space you live in?
My favorite thing about home is the charm. It’s outdated, but much like the homes on the east coast tend to be. I hated it at first, but learn to love it and incorporate old with new.


How do you enjoy creating ambience at home?
Tidying up is key. I love aromatherapy, and diffusing. Watering my plants forces me to connect in a very calming way, too. Moving things around. The list goes on.


What brings you joy?
Talking to my loved ones. Learning through them. Being in a practice where I can release and let something go into the world.


What are you hopeful for?
My growth <3 


When do you feel most yourself?
When I have a moment to settle and reconnect with my space and its objects.


In such uncertain times, how do you stay grounded?
Think through things and often meditate on them. It isn’t something that is constant for me in this moment, but in times of deep uncertainty, I do think through things and allow a timeframe of focus for that to evaluate areas that may be impacting my emotions or lack of participation in my craft.


What do you dream of while you sleep?
I often find myself dreaming of the things I think of heavily, which then I realize that I am thinking on certain things way too much and I should let them go. I also can recall a couple of nightmares, which probably meant how tired I was, haha.



Interviewed by Montana Purchase for Deiji Studio’s Field Notes



See more of Ryan's work here.

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