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Anabella Anger | Core Court Studio

The humble paper is a material often overlooked, filed away and long forgotten. Disguised in its form as something fragile, a little water and flour can transform paper into a resilient material to last through time. Anabella Anger turns the old into new again, using her curious eye for space and design to create papier-mache lamps and sculptures.

Since giving paper a new life, Anabella has turned her attention to reviving other objects. Core Court Studio is a creative warehouse and store for vintage furniture, based in Florida. A space for artistic exploration while finding loving homes for special objects.

Anabella shares with us her approach to designing a space, dressed in the double tie short set and hemp jersey separates.

Location: Florida

Date: April 25th 2022

Time: 8:00 am




Where are you from and where are you now?

I grew up in south Florida, moved away for some time to Oregon and have happily returned to the sunshine state.


Can you tell us a little about your heritage?

My mother is Puerto Rican and my father is Italian / American. I come from a very warm and vibrant family.


Do you prefer mornings or evenings?

I have always been an early riser and find such peace and solitude in the mornings.


Do you have any rituals you never fail to begin or end the day with?

I cherish slow mornings. I like to allow myself a lot of time to have my coffee, read, and walk my dog. I don’t like to be rushed. The way you spend your morning is how you lay the foundation for the day.


Can you describe where you live and the view from your bedroom?

I live in a predominantly Caribbean neighborhood, the area embodies such warmth through the people and culture. Often I am reminded of Puerto Rico living here. Right outside my window is a main street , rather busy. But just on the other side of the road you are able to see mango trees, large palms and bougainvillea.






You are artist who creates objects for the home using papier-mache. What drew you to working with this medium?

My father actually always used papier mache as one of our activities. As a kid i would sit in our backyard and make masks and sculptures, I’ve continued to work with this medium my whole life , it has evolved over time into who I am now. I wanted to create more functional items within my work which is where I began creating pieces for the home.


You also run Core Court Studio, a store for vintage furniture and a multidisciplinary studio. Where did your love for vintage objects begin?


My mother studied interior design and my father would take me to flea markets, garage sales and antique markets since I was a baby. That and a combination of studying art history in college has contributed to my love for vintage and furniture design. With time It all just fell into place and has evolved into a creative warehouse, Corecourtstudio that my partner and I run together.


You have dreams to design public spaces, what is your approach to creating a space?

I’d love to create spaces for individuals, I believe that the space you find yourself in is sacred and reflects who you are. My favorite part of design is finding meaning to what you bring into your space, diving into history and creating warmth and joy through color and texture.


How do you create a comfortable and calm space in your bedroom?

Our bedroom is a place for tranquillity, a place to escape to find ease and comfort. My partner and I enjoy earthy tones for the bedroom. Our room is filled with lots of linens and cotton, large pillows, sand color accents and meaningful items. The rest of our house is filled with exciting items, pops of color and fun texture. Our bedroom strays away from that, like a breath of fresh air.


What does a day in your studio look like at the moment?

Right now we’re getting ready for a warehouse sale, which means prepping all furniture, logging our inventory and photographing / staging all of the items. As much as we love using ig for our sales, it’s really exciting to have the community come into our very industrial warehouse to see the items in person. It gives us the feel of a curated garage sale or estate sale, which we fancy.

If you had a favourite object of a piece of furniture, what would that be and why?

I like good lounge chairs, I like the element of relaxation they bring to a space. I have a genni lounge chair by Gabriele Mucchi in my home. I find myself gravitating to it the most, it’s where I have my morning coffee and where I read.


Who, what and where do you turn to for inspiration?

Nature, books, museums, roaming around and exploring. I find inspiration in all things around me and moments I experience.


How would you describe your creative process?

I tend to be a very organized person, I am very mood board oriented, I like to see every aspect of what I am about to dive into. I’ll sit down at a table and draw things out, create layers, color palettes and gather items I find that inspire me.


Has there been a significant moment of your past that has informed where you are today?

I’m rather private about my life but I’ve been through a whirlwind of events throughout my lifetime, which has really allowed for a lot of clarity and strength putting me where I am today. Working hard and building my dream environment for myself and for my family.


Three words that describe you.





What is your approach to dressing each day and what is your go-to attire?

Comfort and function, I am a fan of basics that can be used for multiple occasions, items that are versatile. I like to pair delicate items with more rugged items. Like a cotton or linen top with wrangler jeans and either my work boots or some loafers.


When you have downtime, where do you spend it and what do you do there?

Always in the outdoors. Living in Florida we have many days filled with sun. We go kayaking, sunset ocean swims and long walks with our dog in the Everglades.

What are you reading, watching, or listening to?

For the first time in my life, nothing. Lately I’ve been very present with myself and with my surroundings. Gravitating to organizing, creating with my hands, calling a friend or family member on my drive home.


Do you have a favourite recipe on rotation you could share with us?

Absolutely! It’s rather simple but exquisite. Grilled broccoli with cashew sauce. I eye everything when I cook. But basically it’s half a cup of raw cashews covered/ soaked in water, loads of garlic, red pepper, maldon salt, good olive oil - blend till smooth.


How do you find comfort?

Long walks, I recently adopted a puppy from the Bahamas. I love going on long strolls with her, no destination, just exploring, chasing light, color, sound.


When do you feel most yourself?

When I am with my friends and family. Surrounded by love, respect, and acceptance. When you’re around your community there is a sense of self and freedom that emerges. Allowing one to be as they are.


What brings you joy?

Gathering around a table with loved ones sharing a meal and stories under the sun.


How do you stay grounded?

Putting myself first and taking things as they come. I am very flexible and easy going which lets me be grounded in this fast paced world.


How do you prepare for a good night’s rest?

I set the mood, tackling all sense. I light a candle, set the lighting, put on comfortable attire and do my skincare routine.


What do you dream of while you sleep?

I wish I had an elaborate dream to share with you, but I don’t remember my dreams once I’ve woken up.







Interviewed by Montana Purchase for Deiji Studio’s Field Notes



See more of Anabella's work here.

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