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Colour Story: Blue | Deiji Studios

Blue is the colour of the sea and sky, in all of its inky hues. It shapes the form of a memory fading, manifests in quiet moments of solitude, embodies the motion of a cold front moving through. Blue knows the weight of water, of things unsaid, of the space between your heart and your head. Blue is full-bodied and breathing. Blue is a feeling.










































Symbolising both depth and power, blue is the colour of the spirit. It’s often seen to represent expansiveness, intuition, and sensitivity, and can emit a pervasive melancholy as swiftly as it may an uplifting sense of confidence. However you interpret the colour, it tends to effortlessly reflect the contents of your inner landscape; ever-present, fluid and shining.   
























“Blue has no dimensions; it is beyond dimensions”, said Yves Klein, whose name refers to its very own kind: International Klein Blue. Perhaps the most renowned variant of them all, it borrows from ultramarine blue, a meaning that translates to “beyond the sea”. Sought after by artists for centuries, the prized pigment was originally derived from the lapis lazuli stone sourced in an arid mountain region of northern Afghanistan and considered more precious than gold. Henri Matisse believed a certain kind of blue could enter your soul. Georgia O'Keefe always knew it would endure, even “after all man’s destruction is finished”. Electric, multidimensional, superlative.


Blue is everything and nothing. Blue is peace. Blue is oblivion.

















/ Estefania Loret de Mola Rules For Abundant Living // Agnes Martin Rain Study 1960 // Deiji Studios 06 Set Lake Blue // Katie G. Whipple // Deiji Studios Totem Dress Vintage Floral // Yves Klein, Anthropometrie De L’epoque Bleue 1960 /




Written by Chloe Borich for Deiji Studio’s Field Notes

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