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Colour Story: Mandarin | Deiji Studios

There’s nothing like the glow of the sun emerging from beneath the horizon. An expansiveness rising, coming into being each day. Covering the sky, orange coloured light coats everything in its path with an intangible warmth, shimmering across the sea and atop tree canopies, whispering the beginnings of unknown possibilities. Towards the outside fringes, she fades. Skin pricked and perforated by the blue of the day.










































Mandarins form a thousand small suns on the branches of their tree. Oranges, tangelos, tangerines and clementines, too. Round, spherical wonders that fit perfectly in one's palm. Forming in thoughtful segments to be broken off and shared, bringing sweetness to the lips of all who they may kiss. Originating across northeast India, the fruit travelled and found significance in China, where they were given as gifts to ring in the New Year with happiness and prosperity.  
























“Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow,” once said Wassily Kandinsky. The same orange colour that paints mandarin fruits gives us the power to remove suppression and inhibitions, allowing creativity and optimism to shine through in the company of courage and strength. This abundance manifests in the words of Frank Ocean, “Orange is a color of liberation, from the pains of hurtful love and inner insecurities. To channel orange is to truly be free, to be you.”

















/ Chloe Borich Orange Tulips // Cosima Scales Mandarins 2020 // Deiji Studios Asymmetric Set Mandarin Check // unknown // unknown // Oscar Piccolo Lamp /




Written by Chloe Borich for Deiji Studio’s Field Notes

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