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Colour Story: Mulberry | Deiji Studios

The taste of sweet fruit, rich in pigment, the colour of summer. A mulberry tree grows tall with arms outstretched. The undulating leaf provides a banquet for the silkworm who spins a single yarn of the finest quality.




















Native to China, the mulberry plant was introduced into European culture in the 17th century. It’s flaming foliage depicted by Vincent Van Gogh in The Mulberry Tree 1889, while the name of its fruit was claimed by the British fashion house in the early 70’s.

Cast by the Greek to give a rosy flush, the ripened mulberry is full of life. A garden in its richest glory with fruits succulent and plump. Its complexion offers a subtle warmth resting peacefully amid friends of magenta and lilac, colouring the horizon each evening.

















/ Laila Gohar The Princess Mirabelle // Ana Kras Mara Side Table // Deiji Studios Turn Set Mulberry // Ana Kras Lavender Bonbon // pinterest // Fjura // pinterest // unknown /




Written by Montana Purchase for Deiji Studio’s Field Notes

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