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Emi Moore | Founder of Casa Shop

A rare find is something you treasure forever, becoming etched into your memory. Some people find something rare to treasure in a place, for some it is a person, for Emi Moore it is sought out in the form of vintage objects and jewellery. Although Emi finds new homes for her discoveries, there are a few pieces that won’t be forgotten.
Emi Moore followed a career into the exciting world of fashion, a buyer for Need Supply Co in Virginia. Stemming from her mother’s antique shop in Arkansas, a lifelong interest in unearthing rare and vintage objects, and a need to manage her ever growing collection, lead Emi to start an Instagram shop. Since 2016, Casa Shop has flourished into a full-time venture with collaborations for international names like The Row in NYC and the addition of Casa Rare, a collection dedicated to her exceptional finds.
With an appreciation for interiors reflective of her own person style, Emi is drawn in by modern sculpture, Italian design and the beauty of recycling, connecting special objects with new homes to be treasured and passed down to loved ones for time to come. In an age of mass production, Emi believes in the power of unique items to transform a house into a home - “I think having pieces in your home no one else does makes it your own place”.

Emi invites us into her home in Richmond, Virginia to talk about comfort and Casa Shop, wearing Deiji Studios 03 set in lake blue and 05 set in deep black.

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Date: 9/5/21

Time: 6:00 pm




Where are you from and where are you now?
I am from Arkansas and Singapore, I currently live in Richmond, Virginia.


When is your favourite time of day?
Mornings (breakfast is my favorite meal). If I’m not in a rush - I’ll wake up slowly, make some toast with pumpkin seed butter and coffee, play some jazz music and read a little.


What is the view like from your window?

The back windows face trees and the front windows face a mosque.


Before you ran Casa Shop full time, you had a career in fashion. What originally drew you to working in fashion and how did you get your start?
I was always interested in clothes and it seemed like a fun career path. I didn’t have design skills so I decided the business side of fashion was the better path for me. I became an associate buyer for Need Supply out of college and it had its glamorous moments but lots of monotonous computer work too.




What is your approach to dressing?
Moody - I can be very lazy with my outfit if I’m tired in the morning and just throw on an easy dress. I like to be more thoughtful and spice it up for dinner out with friends or date night. I’ve worn a lot of neutral colors in the past but I’m drawn more and more to color and fun pieces these days.


You currently run Casa Shop and Casa Rare, selling unique vintage objects and jewellery. Where did your interest in vintage objects begin and how did Casa Shop come about?
It began in Arkansas when I would visit my mom’s antique booth she had there. I spent time running around the shop and I think it had an influence on me. Richmond has a vast amount of thrift stores so in my college years I spent a lot of time frequenting them. Eventually, I amassed a collection of vases and other interesting objects and decided to try a little Instagram shop.


What is your approach to dressing the space you live in?
Cozy. I want friends to come over and feel very comfortable - and I want to come home at the end of the day and feel relaxed. My space is very neutral with pops of my favorite color, green. Lots of wood pieces and texture.


What is your most treasured find and its story?
I’ve unfortunately let go of a lot of my favorite finds to the shop. One piece I haven’t been able to part with is a Brancusi style sculpture. I commissioned someone to make it for the shop and ended up keeping it - it’s been through a few moves with me. Also a sculpture I bought from an artist for the shop - it broke in two pieces during transit and I love it. One piece is in our bedroom and the other in our living room.


Are there key objects and furniture in your space that create the feeling of homeliness or comfort?
I have a small obsession with one-of-a-kind glassware and ceramics. I think pieces like this make our place feel more like ‘home’ than just run-of-the-mill glassware from Target or wherever. I’ve also sourced a lot of vintage pieces like chairs, lamps and artwork. I think having pieces in your home no one else does makes it your own place.

Is there a particular part of your home that you love most? If so, why?
Our living room. We moved in this July so most of the house is still in the process of decoration. The living room is pretty much finished and feels very inviting.


During your down time at home, where do you spend most of your time?
The living room couch or my bed.


Do you have certain people or references that you return to, to be inspired?
I like to peruse Pinterest or go through my Instagram saved photos. We also sell a lot of art books in the shop and I try to read through them before they are gone.


How do you enjoy creating ambience at home?
Candles! I’m almost always burning candles - we sell Maison Balzac glassware in the shop but I always order their candles for myself. ‘Le Bois’ and ‘Sainte T’ are my favorite. I also love Maison Louis Marie and a friend recently introduced me to Mad et Len - they are divine.


Where is your favourite place to be in the world, and what do you love to do there?
Beaches in Mexico, Greece or anywhere really. Sipping a mezcal cocktail (when I’m not pregnant) and sunbathing.


What are you currently reading?
The Fourth Trimester. Preparing for my first baby, due this January.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
You are who you surround yourself with.


When do you feel most yourself?
Around my family and close friends.


What are you hopeful for?
A healthy, happy baby.


How do you stay grounded?
Meditation and Barre classes. I recently began practicing a 5 minute meditation every morning - I’m hoping to work up to a 20 minute daily practice.


What do you do to unwind?
Baths and watching movies/tv with my husband.





Emi wears the 03 Set in Lake Blue and 05 Set in Deep Black. See more of her work at Casa Shop and Casa Shop Rare.


Interviewed by Montana Purchase for Deiji Studio’s Field Notes

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