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On Sleep

Nightfall has a softness that the day will never see. Once the sun moves on and sinks down far below, the light descends quickly, leaving nothing but subtle traces of its shadow. Warm pavements turn cool, crisp laundry on the line becomes supple, the air is filled with newfound clarity. Shrouded in darkness, the sky forms an inky sea, flickering with remnants of light and memory. The time for sleep is now. Although, a good night's sleep is not always an easy feat. Settling oneself before bed is paramount. From the atmosphere of your room to the activities that mark your bed-time routine, all things must be considered.


Ensure your bed is made-up with comfortable, breathable bedding. Most of us will spend one third of our lives in bed asleep, so choose something that will make you feel snug and secure, like our linen sheets.


Dress in something easeful. Whether it be a robe or night dress, slipping into your loungewear of choice signifies that the day has drawn to a close.


While exposure to natural light during the day is beneficial, limiting blue-light at night is of utmost importance. As so not to disturb your circadian rhythm, distance yourself from any devices or on-screen activities at least an hour before bed-time.





Introduce a signature sleep-time scent into your bedroom. A few drops of a lavender blend in a diffuser or oil burner will emanate a soothing aroma that will relax your body and calm your mind.


Caffeine is known for its stimulating effect on the nervous system, staying elevated in your blood for 6 - 8 hours. With this in mind, try to eliminate coffee from your afternoon routine and brew herbal teas instead, like chamomile, passionflower or lemon balm.




Dedicate five minutes to gentle stretching. Soft movement is a wonderful way to decompress and relieve muscle tension. Sleep-disrupting cramps will be no more.


While drifting off, if tossing and turning arises, try taking a few deep breaths to help to slow your heart rate and ease any anxious thoughts, before falling into a deep and gentle slumber.

















/ Deiji campaign photographed by Jedd Cooney // Deiji pinstripe duvet & mustard pillow slips // Unknown // Deiji white duvet photographed by Claudia Smith // Photographed by Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow // Fjura floral arrangement photographed by James Nelson /




Written by Chloe Borich for Deiji Studio’s Field Notes

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