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Anna Fiedler | Artist

From first glance it is clear to see that Anna Fiedler has tapped into waves of pure creativity. From her studio in Narrm, Melbourne, Anna hand weaves and paints hanging and wearable pieces of art. With multiple exhibitions under her belt, this photographer turned weaver has already established her own individual and distinct style interlacing materials and themes from the past and present. Anna fosters a connection to her environment, weaving the old and the new with natural fibres and recycled materials found on her travelled path. Her unique style evokes a sense of warped time, resembling something of the past, ancient motifs of simpler times, while also fast-forwarding to something of the future feeling experimental and limitless. It is easy to be left feeling swept away in the romanticism of Anna’s creations.

Dressed in our Deiji Studios 01 set in Lake Blue, Anna invites us into her home and studio for insight into her creative process and daily rituals.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Date: 24/07/21

Time: 1:30




Where are you from and where are you now?

I grew up in Preston in Melbourne and currently live a couple of suburbs away in Brunswick.


Do you prefer morning or night?

I enjoy both for different reasons. I usually start the morning excited to start the day in the studio with intention. Evenings are usually for slowing down and resting or catching up with friends.


Describe what your view is like?

The view from my studio is a contrast of the lush green Merri Creek to my left and factories to my right.


You are an artist who creates beautiful objects through weaving and painting. What drew you to working with these mediums?

I originally started out as a photographer and thought that was my path. Right before I studied at VCA I discovered the artist Lenore Tawney and immediately knew I wanted to be a weaver. Since then it has been a continual experimentation in weaving. Lockdown allowed the time to devote to my work and integrate painting into my weavings.


The motifs on your artwork breath an essence of freedom, where do you look for inspiration?

Inspiration is ever changing. I usually feel inspired after a long walk. At the moment it is lacework, medieval tapestries, couch designs on gumtree, baltic weaving, 80’s beach towels, Art Nouveau, glue remnants, bumper stickers and so on.


As an artist who creates wearable pieces, what is your approach to dressing?

I buy mostly secondhand. I have always loved one of a kind pieces and the joy of searching in op shops and ebay always. On the rare occasion if I do buy new it will be to support someone I admire.


You use natural materials in your practise, what is your approach to choosing materials and what materials bring you the most Joy?

Choosing sustainable materials is fundamental to my process, especially for my bags. I support small family run businesses in Australia who supply from small mill farms. I also reuse second hand yarn of various materials for weavings, be it synthetic or natural for experimentation.

I love the feel and natural flax colour of linen yarn. I also love to use a dead stock yarn called crimplene as it is super fine and creates beautiful shapes when woven.


Have you always felt a need to create in your life?

I have always found a way to create, be it through photography or weaving.


What does your creative process look like?

I am in the studio most days and that entails switching between two looms, one for bags, the other for woven paintings. Occasionally I am waiting for paint to dry on both looms so instead I will draw for future projects, tidy or make tea.

Has there been a significant moment of your past that has informed where you are today?

All my previous decisions and experiences, albeit bad or good, have formed me to where I am today. I am continually learning and what I didn’t know in the past has helped shape me for what I now know today.


When you have downtime, where do you spend it?

With friends and family or at home tending to my vege garden, cooking, reading or watching a movie.


Do you have morning or evening rituals apart of your daily routine?

I practice qigong every morning to start the day to feel grounded and energised.


What are you currently reading, watching, or listening to?

Comfort Food by Ellen Van Neerven and Travelling light by Robyn Davidson

The Secret Life Of Us and Angel

Currently on repeat / Linda Perhacs, Amaarae, Issy Wood, Mshora, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Yo La Tengo, Cartier God and the Blue Crush soundtrack.


How do you prepare for a good night’s rest?

Reading every night is a must to prepare for sleep.


How do you stay grounded?

Long walks, weaving, painting, gardening and qigong.


What do you dream of when sleeping?

I usually wake up from vivid dreams that stay with me for the day. I appreciate my dreams and believe it is my subconscious helping me process past experiences. After an intense experience I will dream different versions of it for a few weeks afterwards.



Interviewed by Montana Purchase for Deiji Studio’s Field Notes



See more of Anna's work here.

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