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Colour Story: Mustard | Deiji Studios

We know yellow for its light giving properties, its daffodil grazing shadows underneath chins, and buttery presence smeared across toasted sourdough. For the sunshine that streams through our windows, porus and bright. Pooling along the floor and travelling the walls, splaying its edges to illuminate everything in its path. Curling into the shadows, it grows darker, warmer. Here is where the pigment turns, taking on a mustard hue.








































From cave walls to canvas, mustard yellow pigment has long depicted the vitality of the everyday. Its golden shade symbolises sanctity in Indian culture, where turmeric is used in auspicious ceremonies and Ayurvedic medicine. When looking at the colour yellow, poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once observed that “the eye is gladdened, the heart expands, the feelings are cheered”.   
























In her book Slouching Towards Bethlehem, Joan Didion remembers the time she strung up fifty yards of yellow theatrical silk across the bedroom windows of her New York apartment so that the gold light could make her feel like herself again. We return to yellow to lift our spirits, to delve into our intellect, to feel close to the sun.


Marigolds, craspedias, fallen autumnal leaves, all exude the warmth of an eternal glow. These are the vivid recollections of mustard yellow.
















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