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Christelle Scifo | Florist & Creative

Flowers are a language that Christelle Scifo speaks fluently. Her ideas unfurl in the way of blushing petals and shades of green, gathered together to communicate her distinct creative vision. The Sydney-based creative moves in time with the seasons, but her selections tell not only of the weather. Through her pairings, Christelle distinguishes the unique characteristics of the project in focus; whether it be a person, brand or specific product. Returning to her culture-soaked beginnings that act as a touchstone point of reference, Christelle continues to draw inspiration from her two home cities: Sydney and Paris, in work and in life. Here, at home dressed in Deiji, we ask Christelle to share more about what informs her interpretations of the world around her.

Location: Sydney

Date: 15/1/21 Time: 9.00am




Where are you from and where are you now?

I’m French Australian, born in Sydney, lived in Paris and currently back in Sydney.


Are you a morning or evening person?

I’m a night owl that now wakes several very early mornings a week.


Can you tell us a little about your home, what is the view like?

Up in the trees with the birds, in a small block on the top level looking out over a private garden not far from the sea.


From creating enchanting mise en scènes for editorial photo shoots to arranging transportive table settings at events, your work is centered in the realms of flowers and fashion. What led you to pursue this multifaceted vocation?

It was for me a very organic process of evolution, growing up a dancer with a love for fashion flowers and food. I was fortunate for a French chef for a father and an incredibly supportive, loving mother. Being half French half Australian I had the opportunity to live and work in Paris as a dancer and in fashion through my early twenties all guided my path. It was from a culmination of all that I'd experienced and all that I'd done and that I love.

My objective is beauty and to make and to create working with the beauty in the world around me. Fleurette is an extension of myself and a constant evolution of myself and my practice under it.

Christelle Scifo for Deiji Studios Field Notes
 Christelle Scifo for Deiji Studios Field Notes

You produce all of your multi-disciplined work through your creative production platform Fleurette. Can you describe what a day entails within the world of Fleurette?

Fleurette is the culmination of my multi-disciplined self, that enables me to work and create showcasing a vast range of skills and passions. It covers but not limited to; creative direction, set design, floral styling, still life, brand consulting, writing and photography. Assisting brands, events, places and people to translate their language into a unique aesthetic of their own using interiors, objects, flowers, food, scent, art and music often creating the language itself. Styling and sourcing objects and elements for special events, private residences, weddings, and for editorial work and commercial clients. I curate pieces that I love along my travels, on request, for special projects.

Working with such a wide range of clients, what is your approach to selecting flowers for specific events? How do you reflect a brand’s identity through blooms?

The season’s play a role as do the local availability - I strive to source and curate locally grown wherever possible. Then palette and personal preferences come into play. My strengths lie in learning about a client and interpreting a personality/brand or client into a language I help them then convey into an atmosphere and ultimately an experience.


For your styling, you use such an eclectic variety of pieces, though they all speak a common language. Where do you seek out special objects for projects?

Along my travels, thrifting markets, seconds stores and strolling the streets of my favourite cities, especially Paris.


Is there a stand-out piece in your collection of objects that holds particular significance to you? And can you tell us the story of how it came to be yours?

A shell shaped ceramic vase that was once my grandmothers, passed down from my mother. Also my vintage handbags, my Chanel collection and Hermes scarves from my French father’s family’s side.


Where are your favourite places to go to when seeking inspirations?

Paris and Positano, closer to home (Sydney’s Northern Beaches) back in nature.


Do you have certain people or references that you return to, to be inspired?

Art, music, books, travel and as always nature.


How do you enjoy creating ambience at home?

I fill my space and studio with all the left over flowers, fragrance, music and candle light.


What are you currently reading/watching/listening to?

Tiny Pretty Things on Netflix, Diana documentaries, old episodes of Rick Stein’s travels through Greece and France, ballet classics and classical music and online ballet and Pilates classes keeping me focused this summer, The Daily podcast and trying not to watch the news.


How do you stay grounded?

I’m a dreamer, but my loved ones are always sure to bring me back down to earth.


What do you do to unwind?

A bath, a glass of wine, a ballet or Pilates class and sunset ocean swims.


What do you dream of while you sleep?

The job at hand for the morning, ideas and new concepts and ways to do what I set out to do, often also outfits.

Christelle Scifo for Deiji Studios Field Notes




Interviewed by Chloe Borich for Deiji Studio’s Field Notes

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